Module OsgGA

module OsgGA: sig .. end
OpenSceneGraph libosgGA wrapper. Use it with:
  ocaml -I +camlosg osg.cma osgGA.cma

module Gui_event_adapter: sig .. end
Event class for storing keyboard, mouse and window events.
module Gui_action_adapter: sig .. end
Abstract base class defining the interface by which OsgGA.Gui_event_handlers may request actions of the GUI system in use.
module Gui_event_handler: sig .. end
Gui_event_handler provides a basic interface for any class which wants to handle a GUI Events.
module State_set_manipulator: sig .. end
(t)exturing, (l)ighting, (b)ackface culling keys
module Matrix_manipulator: sig .. end
Matrix_manipulator is an abstract base class defining the interface, and a certain amount of default functionality, for classes which wish to control OSG cameras in response to GUI events.
module Trackball_manipulator: sig .. end
Trackball manipulator
module Animation_path_manipulator: sig .. end
Animation path manipulator
module Utils: sig .. end
Some utility functions (not from OSG)