Module Osg.Geode

module Geode: sig .. end
A Geode is a "geometry node", that is, a leaf node on the scene graph that can have "renderable things" attached to it. In OSG, renderable things are represented by objects from the Osg.Drawable class, so a Geode is a Osg.Node whose purpose is grouping Osg.Drawables.

type t 
osg::Geode holder.
val create' : unit -> t
val to_node : t -> Osg.Node.t
val get_num_drawables : t -> int
val add_drawable : t -> Osg.Drawable.t -> unit
val get_drawable : t -> int -> Osg.Drawable.t
val set_drawable : t -> int -> Osg.Drawable.t -> unit
val create : Osg.Drawable.t list -> Osg.Node.t