Module Osg.Node

module Node: sig .. end
Base class for all internal nodes in the scene graph. Provides interface for most common node operations (Composite Pattern).

type t 
osg::Node holder.
val create : unit -> t
val clone : t -> t
val accept : t -> Osg.Node_visitor.t -> unit
Visitor Pattern : calls the apply method of a NodeVisitor with this node's type.
val get_or_create_state_set : t -> Osg.State_set.t
val get_world_matrices : t -> Osg.Matrix.t array
Get the list of matrices that transform this node from local coordinates to world coordinates.
val set_update_callback : t -> Osg.Node_callback.t -> unit
val set_cull_callback : t -> Osg.Node_callback.t -> unit
val set_culling_active : t -> bool -> unit
val get_bound : t -> Osg.Bounding_sphere.t
Get the bounding sphere of node. Using lazy evaluation computes the bounding sphere if it is 'dirty'.
val to_node : Osg.Node_callback.node -> t
convert Osg.Node_callback.node to Osg.Node.t