Module Osg.Shape_drawable

module Shape_drawable: sig .. end
Allow the use of Osg.Shapes as Osg.Drawables, so that they can be rendered with reduced effort.

The implementation of ShapeDrawable is not geared to efficiency; it's better to think of it as a convenience to render Shapes easily (perhaps for test or debugging purposes) than as the right way to render basic shapes in some efficiency-critical section of code.

Todo: ShapeDrawable currently doesn't render InfinitePlanes.

type t 
osg::ShapeDrawable holder
val create' : Osg.Shape.t -> Osg.Tessellation_hints.t -> t
val set_color : t -> Osg.Vec4.t -> unit
val to_drawable : t -> Osg.Drawable.t
val create : ?tessellation_hints:Osg.Tessellation_hints.t ->
?color:Osg.Vec4.t -> Osg.Shape.t -> Osg.Drawable.t
val labl_create : ?tessellation_hints:Osg.Tessellation_hints.t ->
?color:Osg.Vec4.t -> Osg.Shape.t -> t