Module Osg.Occluder_node

module Occluder_node: sig .. end
Osg.Occluder_node is a Osg.Group node which allows Osg.Occluder_nodeing between children.

Typical uses would be for objects which might need to be rendered differently at different times, for instance a OccluderNode could be used to represent the different states of a traffic light.

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type t 
osg::OccluderNode holder.
val create' : unit -> t
val to_group : t -> Osg.Group.t
val set_occluder : t -> Osg.Convex_planar_occluder.t -> unit
val create : Osg.Convex_planar_occluder.t -> Osg.Node.t list -> Osg.Node.t