Index of modules

Animation_path [Osg]
Osg.Animation_path encapsulates a time varying transformation pathway.
Animation_path_manipulator [OsgGA]
Animation path manipulator

Blend_func [Osg]
Encapsulates OpenGL blend/transparency state.
Bounding_box [Osg]
General purpose axis-aligned bounding box class for enclosing objects/vertices.
Bounding_sphere [Osg]
General purpose bounding sphere class for enclosing nodes/objects/vertices.
Box [Osg]
box shape

Camera [Osg]
Camera - is a subclass of Transform which represents encapsulates the settings of a Camera.
Capsule [Osg]
capsule shape
Clip_node [Osg]
Osg.Node for defining the position of Osg.Clip_planes in the scene.
Clip_plane [Osg]
Encapsulates OpenGL glClipPlane.
Color_mask [Osg]
Encapsulates OpenGL glColorMask functions.
Composite_shape [Osg]
Composite shape
Cone [Osg]
cone shape
Control_point [Osg.Animation_path]
Convex_planar_occluder [Osg]
A class for representing convex clipping volumes made up of several Osg.Convex_planar_polygon.
Convex_planar_polygon [Osg]
A class for representing components of convex clipping volumes.
Core_mesh [OsgCal]
Core sub mesh, contains material description and geometry needed to render mesh.
Core_model [OsgCal]
Core Model class that creates a templated core object.
Cull_face [Osg]
Class to globally enable/disable OpenGL's polygon culling mode.
Cull_settings [Osg]
Cull settings.
Cylinder [Osg]
cylinder shape

Depth [Osg]
Encapsulate OpenGL glDepthFunc/Mask/Range functions.
Display_settings [Osg]
Osg.Display_settings class for encapsulating what visuals are required and have been set up, and the status of stereo viewing.
Draw_arrays [Osg]
Wrapper around glDrawArrays call
Drawable [Osg]
Pure virtual base class for drawable geometry.

Fog [Osg]
Fog - encapsulates OpenGL fog state.
Font [OsgText]
Pure virtual base class for fonts.

Geode [Osg]
A Geode is a "geometry node", that is, a leaf node on the scene graph that can have "renderable things" attached to it.
Geometry [Osg]
Geometry is an instance of Osg.Drawable that abstracts out work with OpenGL vertex, normal, color, texture coordinate and other arrays, allows drawing in Osg.Geode with necessary Osg.State_set using Osg.Primitive_sets.
Gl_objects_visitor [OsgUtil]
Visitor for traversing scene graph and setting each Osg.Drawable's _useDisplayList flag, with option to immediately compile Osg.Drawable OpenGL Display lists and Osg.State_attribute's.
Graphics_context [Osg]
Base class for providing Windowing API agnostic access to creating and managing graphics context.
Group [Osg]
General group node which maintains a list of children.
Gui_action_adapter [OsgGA]
Abstract base class defining the interface by which OsgGA.Gui_event_handlers may request actions of the GUI system in use.
Gui_event_adapter [OsgGA]
Event class for storing keyboard, mouse and window events.
Gui_event_handler [OsgGA]
Gui_event_handler provides a basic interface for any class which wants to handle a GUI Events.

Help_handler [OsgViewer]
Help handler ('h' key), to be used with OsgViewer.Viewer.add_event_handler.

Image [Osg]
Image class for encapsulating the storage texture image data.
Intersection [OsgUtil.Line_segment_intersector]
Information about single intersection
Intersections [OsgUtil.Line_segment_intersector]
Intersections container, to be passed to OsgViewer.Viewer.compute_intersections.

Line_segment_intersector [OsgUtil]
Concrete class for implementing line intersections with the scene graph.

Material [Osg]
Material -- encapsulates OpenGL glMaterial state.
Math [Osg]
Some constants and functions from <osg/Math>
Matrix [Osg]
4x4 matrix
Matrix_manipulator [OsgGA]
Matrix_manipulator is an abstract base class defining the interface, and a certain amount of default functionality, for classes which wish to control OSG cameras in response to GUI events.
Matrix_transform [Osg]
MatrixTransform - is a subclass of Transform which has an Osg.Matrix which represents a 4x4 transformation of its children from local coordinates into the Transform's parent coordinates.
Mesh [OsgCal]
Osg.Drawable used to render OsgCal.Core_meshes
Mesh_parameters [OsgCal]
OsgCal.Mesh specific parameters.
Model [OsgCal]
Instance of OsgCal.Core_model

Node [Osg]
Base class for all internal nodes in the scene graph.
Node_callback [Osg]
Node callback
Node_visitor [Osg]
Visitor for type safe operations on Osg.Nodes.

Object [Osg]
Base class/standard interface for objects which require IO support, cloning and reference counting.
Occluder_node [Osg]
Osg.Occluder_node is a Osg.Group node which allows Osg.Occluder_nodeing between children.
Optimizer [OsgUtil]
Traverses scene graph to improve efficiency.
OpenSceneGraph libosg wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgCal wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgDB wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgGA wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgText wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgUtil wrapper.
OpenSceneGraph libosgUtil wrapper.
Osg_array [Osg]
Base class for all OSG arrays.

Plane [Osg]
A plane class.
Polygon_offset [Osg]
PolygonOffset - encapsulates the OpenGL glPolygonOffset state.
Polytope [Osg]
A Polytope class for representing convex clipping volumes made up of a set of planes.
Primitive_set [Osg]
Set of primitives to draw in Osg.Geometry.
Program [Osg]
Osg.Program is an application-level abstraction of an OpenGL program.

Quat [Osg]
A quaternion class.

Shader [Osg]
Osg.Shader is an application-level abstraction of an OpenGL shader.
Shape [Osg]
Base class for all shape types.
Shape_drawable [Osg]
Allow the use of Osg.Shapes as Osg.Drawables, so that they can be rendered with reduced effort.
Simplifier [OsgUtil]
A simplifier for reducing the number of traingles in Osg.Geometry.
Sphere [Osg]
sphere shape
State [Osg]
Encapsulates the current applied OpenGL modes, attributes and vertex arrays settings, implements lazy state updating and provides accessors for querrying the current state.
State_attribute [Osg]
Base class for state attributes.
State_set [Osg]
Stores a set of modes and attributes which respresent a set of OpenGL state.
State_set_manipulator [OsgGA]
(t)exturing, (l)ighting, (b)ackface culling keys
Stats_handler [OsgViewer]
Stats handler ('s' key), to be used with OsgViewer.Viewer.add_event_handler.
String [OsgText]

Tessellation_hints [Osg]
Describe several hints that can be passed to a Tessellator (like the one used by Osg.Shape_drawable) as a mean to try to influence the way it works.
Text [OsgText]
Texture [Osg]
Texture pure virtual base class that encapsulates OpenGl texture functionality common to the various types of OSG textures.
Texture_2d [Osg]
Encapsulates OpenGL 2D texture functionality.
Threaded_viewer [OsgViewer]
Viewer that run in separate thread (so you can use it from OCaml toplevel interpreter).
Threading_handler [OsgViewer]
Threading toggler ('m', 'e' keys), to be used with OsgViewer.Viewer.add_event_handler.
Timer [Osg]
Timer class is used for measuring elapsed time or time between two points.
Trackball_manipulator [OsgGA]
Trackball manipulator
Transform [Osg]
A Transform is a group node for which all children are transformed by a 4x4 matrix.

Uniform [Osg]
Uniform encapsulates glUniform values.
Utils [OsgGA]
Some utility functions (not from OSG)
Utils [Osg]
Some utilities

Vec2 [Osg]
General purpose float pair.
Vec2_array [Osg]
Array (buffer) of Osg.Vec2.t values.
Vec3 [Osg]
General purpose float triple for use as vertices, vectors and normals.
Vec3_array [Osg]
Array (buffer) of Osg.Vec3.t values.
Vec4 [Osg]
General purpose float quad.
Vec4_array [Osg]
Array (buffer) of Osg.Vec4.t values.
Viewer [OsgViewer]
Viewer holds a single view on to a single scene.
Viewport [Osg]
Encapsulate OpenGL glViewport.

Window_size_handler [OsgViewer]
Full-screen toggler ('f' key), to be used with OsgViewer.Viewer.add_event_handler.